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Child Play Therapy NY

For children, therapy at play is utilized in place of talk therapy.  I have a playroom which is very inviting for children. Typically, children will not want to leave the office at the end of the session.  Children are made to feel comfortable and play therapy is utilized to connect with them on several levels: 1) to understand their thoughts and feelings, 2) to communicate with them, and 3) to support them in developing skills and gaining insight – similar to adult therapy. During my child play therapy sessions in NY, I utilize the same philosophy with children that I use with adults, but the method differs in that the language of play is utilized rather than just talk therapy.

Children are uniquely positioned to benefit from therapy at play as their primary thoughts about the world are in process and they have not yet become “set” in their ways of being and in their perceptions about the world.  It is much more timely to address a child’s symptoms sooner rather than later as there is a unique opportunity to create alternate pathways of perception in the mind and prevent negative processes from taking hold of one’s psyche. Play therapy is an effective tool for achieving this goal.

Play as therapy is utilized to teach children healthy pro-social behaviors, and parents are given the tools to reinforce newly learned skills so that they can set in healthy and adaptive ways.

Parents are an important part of the process when their child is in therapy.  I generally meet parents for 10-15 minutes at the beginning of every play therapy session and consider you a partner in the process. You will be given support and coaching on how to build the qualities, behaviors, and emotions that you want for your child and those with which he/she currently struggles with.