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NY Insight Therapy For Anxiety

Psychodynamic therapy is also known as insight therapy as it is the practice of exploring your inner self.  How you think, how you see the world, how you perceive others see you – it is about your perception and psyche.  Old, unresolved conflicts and beliefs drain energy from us; imagine one trying to bend their knee after twisting it and the muscles are rigid and tense – effectively locking you in one position.  Over time this becomes tiring and disruptive to the expression of your true spirit.

By using the insight approach, we are working to discover these stuck places in your psyche so that the inability to be flexible and move forward can relax and create the space for new openings and options.  New awareness brings with it new passageways in thought and perception.  Fresh new possibilities for action suddenly replace old painful dilemmas which naturally fade away.

To make permanent changes in the recurrence of unhelpful emotions such as anxiety and depression, it is my experience and the result of much research that insight therapy in combination with the skill building of cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness training, and energy systems therapy is essential in creating change that sticks.  It is this combination that truly allows one to re-work their life’s blueprint and create the foundation and scaffolding to truly get this in a way that is empowering to your life’s success and happiness.

On self

The self could be characterized as a kind of compensation for the conflict between inner and outer…the self is also the goal of life, because it is the most complete expression of that fateful combination we call individuality…With the experiencing of the self as something irrational, as an indefinable being to which the I is neither opposed nor subjected, but in a relation of dependence, and around which it revolves, very much as the earth revolves about the sun – then the goal of individuation has been reached.

      - C.J.Jung, The Red Book, p. 218