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Energy Systems Therapy NY

NY Energy TherapyEnergy systems therapy is the integration of traditional psychotherapy with that of practices to facilitate healing within the human energy system. To do this, I work with both the mental processes and the energetic processes at play within a person’s system. Techniques such as breath work, aromatherapy, and movement are utilized when comfortable and applicable to support one’s energetic system in tandem with thoughts and feelings. Imagery, nature, and one’s thought processes are also a primary component of this work. The goal is to support you in living a more joyful, connected, accepting life with less time lost to anxiety and depression, and more time for living peacefully on the path that feels right.

A focus of this work is often on one’s life blueprint and recreating or building the life blue print for life that you want to have. A blueprint represents the foundational energetic and psychological imprints at the root of all aspects of a person’s life including thoughts, feelings, and behavior. In this work I support you in making or the re-making of an effective blueprint for life, and facilitate the transformation you are seeking.

Intention is considered a vital component of Energy Systems Therapy.


Research on Intentions and Beliefs

Energy Systems Therapy in NYSignificant amounts of research are being done on thoughts, behavior, emotions, intention, and the human energy field. Quantum physics and field theories offer new windows through which psychology and the therapeutic process can be viewed. notable research is being done in regards to human thought, choice, and intention . There have been many scientific studies conducted into dynamics such as the transference between human beings and the effects created by individuals and groups through the power of intention. I take this research seriously in my work with you.


Our Thoughts Carry a Charge that has an Effect

Studies have demonstrated the effects of thought and intention within an individual, an individual within a relationship or family, and an individual within their local community and the community at large. Belief in the probability that words, thoughts, and intention are not intangible but rather measurable matter and energy that can lead to tangible and measurable results, especially in regards to human connection and individual or group human intention, is wide spread and popular.

Energy systems therapy, and energy systems play therapy for children, addresses this fundamental shift for the first time in the realms of psychotherapy, play therapy and the human energy system in a comprehensive manner in both theory and practice. Since therapists primary business is in that of thoughts, feelings, intention, behavior, choices, and relationships it not only makes sense to acknowledge human energy systems and the human energy field in the context of psychotherapy and the realm of a clients developmental process, it becomes an ethical imperative.

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