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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy NY

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in NYOur NY cognitive behavioral therapy is geared towards learning to recognize your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a way that you can challenge them, accept them, analyze them, and replace them with more accurate, and more adaptive assessments. Negative thoughts effect your mood, and vice-versa.  In using cognitive behavioral therapy we focus on how thoughts actually trigger unhelpful emotions.  Your mood is very responsive to thoughts, the underlying assumptions that are connected to them, and the behaviors that result. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been heavily researched and has been shown to critically important and effective in the alleviation of depression, anxiety, and unhelpful feelings and behaviors.

It can be surprising to recognize how impactful thoughts are, but absolutely true.  When you learn ways to shift your thinking, you both stop triggering bad moods and feelings and start to feel inner control of your inner life.

NY Cognitive TherapyCognitive behavioral therapy is a way of taking apart or undoing old patterns of thoughts and replacing them with healthier patterns of thought which – because of the way our brains are wired – lead to more buoyant moods that become sustaining.  This is the essential skills-building part of therapy.