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NY Counseling for Child Depression

New York Play Therapy

Why Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a well researched mode of psychotherapy for children. Children lack the cognitive maturity to work though their problems sitting and talking. Their creative and problem solving processes happen through play, and playful interaction.

Well trained play therapists use specific language and play techniques which facilitate children’s ability to: build frustration tolerance, increase attention span, develop impulse control, learn, communicate, process, grow, express, create, problem solve, develop confidence, and meet their ultimate potential.

As a prescriptive play therapist I employ researched techniques to address each child’s needs appropriately. I always partner with parents in this process.

Individual, family or parent-child therapy is available. All families will be treated with respect in a non-judgmental manner. In addition, parents may receive training on how to effectively use positive discipline for children while managing difficult behaviors.

**Social skills/friendship groups also available.NY Play Therapy For Kids

Ms. Ludlow’s Qualifications: Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor

In order to become a Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor, Wendy has received years of extensive post-graduate supervision and training as required and monitored by The National Association for Play Therapy (NAPT). This is the highest level of certification available for a play therapist. To learn more about this process visit the NAPT website at:

Wendy Is experienced in treating children with:

* Depression
* Anger issues
* Anxiety
* Child Onset Bi-Polar Disorder
* Asperger Syndrome/PDD NOS
* Learning Problems
* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
* Social problems / Communication disorders
* Bullying issues
* Grief & Loss issues (including death, divorce)
* Trauma
* Learning problems

Play Therapy in NY

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Please feel free to contact Wendy for further information.
Phone: 646-213-0294