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How I Can Help

Research shows that depression and anxiety are both complex experiences, involving varying elements of biological/genetic predisposition, the circumstances of one’s life, and internal psychological issues.

On the bright side

My experience is that with an integrated approach – and an understanding of how anxiety, depression, and coping with the twists that life throws at you can affect your body, heart, mind, and spirit – that there is real opportunity to break down and tease out the internal and external elements and actually overcome these states.  I believe that you can develop a deep sense and mastery of depression and anxiety – no one is doomed to live with a life as simply a management system.  You do have the ability to make a shift that allows you to experience life in a fuller, more joyful, confident, and connected way.

Using therapy techniques, my goal is to help you make this shift – to recreate the blueprint of your life with the fundamental shape that you want it to be.

Fountain analogy

I focus on an integral approach to change.  Permanent change for complex situations requires an approach that addresses all the different spigots.  If thoughts are the spray of one’s fountain, then it is vital to get down to the spigots of the fountain – the part that controls the spray.  When access becomes available at that level – one can adjust the entire fountain and add illumination, strength and evenness of flow, and beauty to their fountain in a way that not only they – but others will notice.

My Goal is to help you to live a more joyful, accepting life with less time lost to unhelpful emotions and increase time for living life with calm and pizzazz – in a lighthearted and connected manner that feels right.

Depending on your personal situation and needs, I use a combination of therapeutic techniques:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Insight (Psychodynamic) Psychotherapy
  • Energy Systems Therapy and Energy Systems Play Therapy (EST/ESPT)
  • Play Therapy (especially for children)

My work is active and engaged, with thoughtful practice towards you in between sessions.  I am accessible between sessions and believe that this is part of the process.  I believe in change and am motivated to show you how to create your life’s blueprint for success.

Please call or email if you have any questions about how I work:
Phone: (646) 213-0294