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Goals of Therapy

Simply put, the goal of therapy is to live a more satisfying, enjoyable, and peaceful life.  The more awareness you have – the more choices you can make about your life.  The goal of therapy in simple terms is to give you the skills and awareness needed so that you can have lasting change that positively impacts your life in significant and meaningful ways.

A life without maladaptive and unhelpful emotions, thoughts, and behaviors leave room for you to create the life that you want.  New gateways and bridges appear that can lead to landscapes and adventures you never thought possible.  You spot the warning flags now much sooner than you used to, and you now know what to do to avoid the danger.

You don’t get sucked into a vacuum that eats all of your energy up in the fight against worry, depression, frustration, and anxiety.  This energy can now go into creativity, work, parenting, relationships, and loving what you do and the relationships you are in.

This makes life feel like a very different journey – one that feels very worth living in a very present manner.