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Therapy Services NYC

NY Therapy Services: For Children | For Adults | For Teens | Energy Systems Therapy

Therapy Goal

My Goal is to work with you to get results that will increase happiness, productivity, and successfully and positively impact your life immediately.

About The Process

A non-judgmental, down-to-earth, and goal oriented approach is utilized with an emphasis on getting results quickly. When children are being seen – parents are ny therapiesconsidered valuable partners and are treated as collaborative partners.

The first step is a phone call. You will have the opportunity to give a brief overview of your concerns and information about the services that can be offered will be shared. If your needs cannot be met here, a referral will be made to a place that can.

If you do decide that this office can be helpful, an intake appointment will be scheduled where you can share your concerns in more depth. During the intake, the results that you want in your life and/or the life of your child/family will be clarified.

For further information regarding services please feel free to call Wendy at: 646-213-0294.