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Therapy Client Testimonials and Professional Testimonials about Wendy Ludlow

“I turned to Therapy With a Twist, when my 6 year old daughter began showing signs of distress over the divorce of her father and I.  I hadn’t a clue as to how to respond.  Wendy Ludlow shared tools to help me cope as well as helped my daughter express her feelings. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have Wendy to turn to – she’s the best!”

“Wendy Ludlow has been a great asset to Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Child Study Center.  She has provided two Play Therapy trainings and various consultations to our staff and has consequently been the main impetus for our recent launching of a Play Therapy room.  Ms. Ludlow’s trainings have provided our staff with valuable tools and information that continue to be implemented in our work with children.  Her extensive knowledge and effective communication style profided a Relaxed atmosphere where clinicians were able to discuss clinical issues and get the constructive feedback needed to provide effective treatment.  Ms. Ludlow’s trainings are top notch and I unreservedly recommend them to any organization that promotes the mental well being of chidlren.” Sandra Ramos, MA, MT-BC, LCAT- Clinical Supervisor, Bronx Lebanon Hosptial Center, NYC

“It was the best training that i have received during my time working here at the Guidance Center”. Barbara Alammari, LCSW

“I learned things that I can use right away to help the kids I work with”.  Prevention worker, NYC

“I will use Ms. Ludlow’s techniques in my work AND at home with my own children.”  Social worker, Social Service Agency in the Bronx