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Mindfulness Training

If your mind is still,
You can sense the peace
That emanates from the earth.
We are here to find that dimension
Within ourselves
That is deeper than thought.

         – Eckhart Tolle

Mindfulness practice is like a hand reaching out to support you on rocky terrain when you are about to fall:  it is a way to pull yourself out of the painful cycles leading to depression and anxiety.

Current research on the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation demonstrates that it is every effective in both softening the effects of depression and anxiety, as well as preventing “relapse”, and the recurrence of disabling episodes that are the hallmark of these conditions.

My experience is this: to have sustained change from within, having some practice and understanding of mindfulness is elemental.

Mindfulness practice consists of being within the moment; and being aware of whatever is happening in your current experience without judgment.  It might be delight, a bad stomach, or the physical weight of depression, or relief of an anxiety free moment – but whatever it is – when one is being mindful, it is all viewed objectively.

Depression and anxiety are states of being trapped in thoughts and feelings.  Mindfulness gives you the skills to manage the rocky slopes at a safe and healthy pace and to know when to seek a different path.  It is a lifeline for those stuck on a mountainside in fear and anxiety, allowing you to see alternate paths and steady ground.

Mindfulness is an essential ingredient of lasting change.  It is the ingredient that allows one to live life with the ability to maintain equilibrium through difficult changes. Through mindfulness training, sustained change becomes inherent from within.

Mindfulness is a skill that is taught and learned – it does not require long sits of meditation. In fact, you can begin quickly, easily, and effectively when you have the tools to do so! Research on the brain is demonstrating how malleable and changeable the brain is and the idea that the adult brain is fixed is a myth.  Mindfulness training is an important therapeutic aspect that trains the brain way from a habit of orbiting in the realms of anxiety, depression, and maladaptive or unhelpful patterns and reconnects one with an orbit of self that is forward moving, productive, connected, and happy, and able to move through change with peace of mind.